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Typical Business Web Pages

There's not really any such thing as a "typical" business. Most businesses are far from being typical.

However, as the World Wide Web has evolved, many common topics have appeared on websites. Of course, you are free to ignore the common topics completely, you should only do so after some deliberation. Internet users are starting to expect to find these topics on websites, and will go to the websites directly to find information like this.

The examples below show the typical webpages that browsers might find when they connect to a commercial website. It would be the rare business website that used all the different kinds of webpages on their own pages. You don't have to include all of these on your website either. You might even want to combine a few of the topics together on a single page.

What is not included in this list of general pages are the special pages tailored exclusively for your business, the pages that will make your website distinct from all others. These custom pages are just as essential for the well-considered commmercial website. However, we can't predict what they're going to be; they are different for everyone.

Cover Pages
Enter, Home, Start, Welcome This is the first page about your business that a web browser sees. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Keep it interesting.
Contents, Index, Menu, Site Map

Who you are
About... , About Us, About the Company, Company Info, Who are we?, Who we are If you deal with customers face-to-face, or you're on a first name basis with them, focus on the human aspect of your enterprise.
Employees, Management, Meet our Staff
Clients, Customers, Members, Subscribers, Users
Become an Affiliate, Contributers, Investors, Investor Relations, Partners
Careers, Jobs, Join Us

What you do
New!, New Items, News, Specials, What's New You might sell the sizzle, but your customers are only going to purchase the steak. Let them see what they're getting, sizzle, aroma, taste, texture, and all of the meat.
Catalogs, Descriptions, Latest Project, Menu, Portfolio, Products, Recent Projects, Services, Specifications
Advertising, Coupons, Joining, Ordering Info, Prices, Pricing Plans, Subscriptions
Activities, Certification, Consulting, Contests, Education, Functions, Parties, Solutions, Support, Training, Treatments

When you do it
Days of Operation, Office Hours, Scheduling Let your customers and prospects figure out the best time to get in contact with you.
Calendar, Conferences, Events, Meetings, Seminars

Where you do it
Contact, Contact Us, Email, Feedback Let your customers and prospects know how to contact you.

For the World Wide Web, one possible concern of browsers who are unfamiliar with you (but otherwise like what they see) is whether or not you are in their geographic area.

Directions, Equipment, Facilities, Map, Tour
Community, Foundation
Global, International, World-wide

Why you do it
Subscriber/Member/User/Client/Customer Benefits You might be selling them your products and services, but this is what your customers are really buying.

How you do it
Press Releases, In the News, Press, Newsletter This is where you can answer all the questions that you think your customers are going to be asking before, during and after any business transactions. Keep it informative.
Branches, Departments, Desks, Divisions, Groups, Offices, Organization
Help, More, Info, Tips, Wanna Know?, Guidelines, How to..., FAQs
Pics, Photos, Pictures, Gallery
Links, Faves, Resources
Special Features
Accolades, Awards, Recognitions, Reports, Case Studies, Testimonials, White Papers

The small print
Legal Disclaimers You don't want to mislead anyone deliberately. This is where you put information intended to avoid misunderstandings. You might want to have your lawyer draft something up or review the wording if you need to use these.
Terms/Conditions of Use/Service, Policies and Agreements
Privacy Notice/Policy, Internet Privacy Initiative
Security Guarantees
Accessibility Policy

Tools Have something you want to share with the public, but it doesn't quite fit in with the other pages? Put it on a page by itself. Be very careful about copyright infringement.

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