Strayer University

Strayer Online

Prof. J. W. Rider courses:
CIS 110, Computer Program Design
CIS 155, UNIX Operating System
CIS 203, Internetworking Basics
CIS 242, C++ Programming
CIS 265, Object-Oriented Programming I
CIS 266, Object-Oriented Programming II
CIS 270, Network Security Fundamentals
CIS 272, Network Threats
CIS 415, Systems Analysis and Development
CIS 450, Network Security
CIS 499, Senior Seminar in CIS
CIS 500, Information Systems Decision-Making
CIS 505, Communication Technologies
CIS 510, Advanced Systems Analysis and Design
CIS 513, Enterprise Wireless Networking
CIS 514, Client/Server Computing
CIS 515, Strategic Planning for Database Systems
CIS 530, Simulation and Modeling I
CIS 536, Intranet/Internet Technologies

Most of my recent teaching has been at the corporate and college level on software engineering and computer information system technology topics. The Strayer Online site is one of of the places where I instruct. There's no classrooms in the building; the classroom is distributed over the Internet.

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