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Your Outsource Webmaster

There's no reason to go this alone. You have an Internet handyman readily available.


Maybe you're just thinking about a website. Perhaps you already have a couple of pages up. You might have created them yourself, or you might have had someone else design it for you.

Either way, now, it's just sitting there. It needs a little updating. You'd like to add more to it. If only you had the time and the inclination. You have great ideas. You just need someone to put it together for you.


You have many choices for your web management strategy.
  1. Go without a website. This is the minimum-cost approach. It's also the minimum benefit. No doubt, your competition would choose this one for you.

  2. Manage it on your own. Entrepreneurs are remarkably resourceful. You can do this. However, it is going to take time away from what you are already good at doing: running your business, doing things that you might not really want to learn. Even if you wanted to learn to do web management, it would make sense to have a mentor.

  3. Hire a full-time employee. A good solution. That is, if you can afford a Webmaster full-time. If you need to update your website on a daily or more frequent basis, you are going to need someone continuously.

  4. Use some time from a professional. An excellent choice for many reasons.

Consider your strategies carefully.

Convenient service plans are available


Managing a website requires different skills from managing your business. Look for someone with expertise in a broad range of technologies and tools. Knowing HTML goes a long ways, too. It also helps to have an effective writing style, and an eye on design and layouts.


Your website isn't going away anytime soon. You're going to want to work with someone who is staying around as well. They are going to learn your website the best.


One of the keys to the long-term relationship is keeping the service within your means.

Only pay for as much web management as you need and not a penny more. Pay as you go, or pay up front, or mix the payment options until you feel comfortable.


You take pride in your business. Look for someone who is going to take pride in your website. You're going to need someone who will scour the Internet automatically looking for new ideas and approaches to make your website the best.


When you need to work out ideas and strategies, you have someone with an objective eye and ear.


Eventually, you might want to learn how to manage your own pages, or have your own employee take over you website. Look for someone who can explain the whole process to you.

Make J. W. Rider Consulting your own Webmaster. It's the rational strategy.


The next time you're wondering if something is wrong with your computer or not, you'll have somewhere knowledgeable to look.


Your website is going to be as much a part of your business as anything else. Get the best on your side. It's like having your very own technical support department.
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