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Service Packages

At J. W. Rider Consulting, we've gone to considerable lengths to make our services affordable and flexible for a variety of small businesses. Packages are available for our general consulting service hours and our popular annual web packages.

For the annual web service packages, three payment options are available. You can "pay as you go," and we'll invoice you for hours consulted. You can "pay up front" for a significant savings with a discounted hourly rate. Can't decide between the two? We can split the difference with the "half and half" prepaid/invoiced option.

Annual web packages


Basic Website Website only.
No hours included
Economy Webpresence Website
and 12 hours
$299 (prepaid)
Grand Webstarter Website
and 23 hours
$499 (prepaid)
Standard Webmaster Website
and 36 hours
$749 (prepaid)
Active WebmanagerWebsite
and 120 hours
$1949 (prepaid)

"Website only" provides an Internet URL where clients may reference one or more web pages. Clients must provide the pages to be posted. Other packages include "service hours" which may be used for web design, web mastering or any other consulting service, or may be used to offset other costs like domain name registration.

NA Monthly invoicing is not available for the basic website package.

* In table, monthly invoiced amounts reflect estimated service hours expended. Actual invoiced amount will depend upon total hours consulted.

Consulting hours may also be purchased ahead of time for a considerable savings over the invoiced rate. Prepaid service hours are good for up to a year after purchase.

Prepaid service hour packages

Prepaid packages
(service hours)
Cost Savings

30 minutes$50
4 Hours $193
8 Hours $378
12 Hours
(1 hr/mo)
24 Hours
(2 hr/mo)
36 Hours
(3 hr/mo)
40 Hours $1560
80 Hours $2720
120 Hours
(10 hr/mo)

Between the annual web and prepaid service hour packages, you have considerable freedom in deciding how you want to acquire our consulting services.

We look forward to serving you.

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