Somewhere between the way things have always been done...

...and what no one else has done before

When you're building a website, it's nice to have an Internet handyman around. Someone who is experienced with a broad range of technologies and paradigms. Someone who can craft some HTML to make a page. Someone who knows how to put words together for effect. Someone with an eye for graphics design and layouts. Someone who can explain some of the more esoteric concepts to an audience. Someone who can put all the parts together for you. layout map entry civilized society webcrafting classroom art studio research and development darkroom office galley workshop wordsmithing here there by tygers library gameroom
Feel free to wander around. I've arranged the rooms to showcase some of my approach to establishing an Internet presence for businesses and organizations. See something you like? Something that might fit into an idea or two of your own? Drop me a line, and we'll see what we can do to work together.

A new home. All those empty voids. All those missing walls.
Blank spots here and there. Spotted blanks there and here.
In the quiet, hollow footsteps echo down darkened halls.
In all directions that one can go, from nothing, to nothing.
It might seem another vacant place. Just a desolate abyss.
But there's potential. Promise. Rub our hands together.
It's time to get to work. Now, what can we do with this?
-- J. W. Rider

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